In our porn fuelled society of rough sex (I’m not knocking it, it’s great if that’s what you’re into!), and the encouragement to go further and be naughtier than before, it’s often tempting to challenge ourselves for sex that we think will be more satisfying or fulfilling than the last session.  There are toys and devices out there that can make you have continuous orgasms, limit your movement, and even limit the breaths you can take.  As with anything in our competitive world, it’s about knowing your limits in order to get the pleasure you deserve whilst keeping safe at the same time. So how do we keep an eye on those limits to ensure that we are being fair to ourselves and others?

Be confident in saying no.

Whether you’ve known your partner for ten years or just met them last night, you HAVE to pride yourself in being confident enough to pipe up when you’re not happy with something.  Humans are not mind readers, so we all have the responsibility to be good sexual communicators and keep ourselves out of harm’s way.

Be honest about your experience and capabilities.

If your partner is suggesting something you haven’t done before but would like to try – be honest! There’s nothing worse than one of you getting really into something whilst the other is nervous and uncomfortable.  Do certain positions hurt, or do you struggle to use certain parts of your body? Tell them! Good sex is not painful sex, and painful sex = limits broken.

With the right communication and an understanding partner, the sky is the limit when it comes to crazy, orgasm-filled sexual experiences.  Just don’t be pushed into pushing yourself too far before you’re ready.

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