How do you feel about open relationships? It’s not a question most of us ask ourselves, or each other.  Perhaps we’re worried about what our partner might think of us, or concerned that their hearty response might tack us aback, make us feel strangely jealous, competitive, not good enough in some way.

Even if both parties were up for it, where does something like that begin? Who makes the first move? And how many gory details need to be returned home so that promises of honesty and transparency are upheld?

I’ve always liked the thought of an open relationship, but the idea of actually making that fantasy a reality does genuinely scare me.  Maybe it scares most people, but the desire for freeing debauchery without the guilt is just too strong.

It’s not a position, per se, although I’d argue it is a ‘sexual stance’: this month, I’ve promised to myself that I’ll be more open about my interest in being ‘open’.  I want to speak to people who’ve done it, natter with those who want to, and see if the fantasy world in my head really does match up with the cold, hard facts (no pun intended…)

More next month – until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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