This one liquid lipstick will change your life!

As a vintage fashion obsessive and lover of all things retro my look is never complete without a bold red lip (of course, to my mind no one’s look is ever complete without a bold lip!) This then leads to a daily mental debate about the exact shade of red, shape of lip and style of lipstick: Do I want blue undertones or orange? A 1950s lip shape or a 1940s shape? Full application or stain?

However… there are some other factors I have to contend with… for one thing, my connective tissue disorder leaves my muscles weak and floppy meaning I struggle to hold the lipstick tube up for too long and am liable to at any moment have a random hand spurt that leaves a trail of bright red lipstick across my face! Having a chronic illness also means that my life doesn’t follow a standard pattern day to day and keep to the plan- no matter how much I wish my lipstick would! I can’t say for sure that halfway through the day I won’t be tearing open a packet of medicine with my mouth because my hands have suddenly stopped working and if I don’t get these migraine tablets in me within the next two minutes I’m going to be drowning in the inky abyss!

The lipstick of choice therefore needs to be not only easy to apply but also very hard wearing. When it comes to easy application I think we all can agree that traditional cream lipsticks are out. Not only are they generally tricky to apply evenly and difficult to correct if you go even a touch outside the lines they’re also pretty difficult if, like me, you only have one working eye and a massive nose you struggle to see past (I’m not kidding, no matter the angle of my mirror, half of my lipstick application is guesswork!) Liquid lipsticks are a revolution when it comes to application but they aren’t all great at staying in place.

After all, if something has to be liquid in a tube it’s then pretty difficult to make it neither sloppy nor crumbly when on your lips! And boy does that show when it’s an intense red! My search for the perfect liquid lipstick has left me with a draw full of different reds, most of which have been worn once, transferred onto everything in my house and then left to languish at the back of the draw.

Yet (drumroll please), through much trial and error I have found the perfect vintage-y liquid lipstick: Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour in Cherry Pie! The consistency is such that whilst wet it’s easy to correct with a fingernail and when dry it refuses to budge, no matter how many glasses of water you drink, people you kiss or pillows you flop your tired face onto.

range of colours for the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour

Only one word of warning: when it says 24 hours… it means it! Good luck trying to get it off before then!



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