Once a super active and (still) hyper girl, I like to get out there and try new sports and activities quenching my thirst for fun, despite my range of movement on all limbs being hugely compromised. At the back end of summer before the season came to a close, I decided to get out onto the water in the form of sailing. I’d never done this before but love being on rivers and always seek a river trip on holiday. I looked at the nearest Sailability centre to me and headed off to Milton Keynes on a stunningly sunny September day. The tranquil lakes, low lying sun highlighting the brilliant white of the soaring birds and swans on the water was enough to make me happy before even getting out in the dinghy. The peace was disturbed somewhat by the motor powering up of the rib boat. Now this made me excited! Instantly I knew I’d rather be tearing around the lake on this than silently gliding on the dinghy!! I can only do peace and quiet for a while before the adrenalin shot is needed!

So onto the motorboat I go…and the lovely driver span it round to crash into the wave we’d just created – hey presto, I’m wet through, freezing but laughing hysterically!

Then the seemingly leisurely task of sailing the dinghy round was so much harder technically than I’d appreciated – again a challenge and one I’d like to master, or at least improve upon! It was just so lovely to be a few inches from the water and you find your mind is clear of all the clutter we usually carry with us as it’s having to be much more focused on the things immediately around us – the direction of the wind, the swan obstacles, the other boats on the lake… An idyllic haven.

So if you’ve an interest in the water, Google your nearest Sailability centre as they’re also crying out for volunteers to assist people, particularly if you have some experience of sailing a boat yourself!

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