Hi guys, Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that you enjoyed the December issue of Liability Magazine! This month, I’m going to be writing about the HUGE January cliche, “New year, new me!” mainly because it’s ALL I can think about at the moment.

My 2016 was amazing, and filled with some incredible life experiences.  Unfortunately with travelling, wining, dining and lots of gin it didn’t leave many pennies floating about in my purse, or much extra room in my waistband! I always deprived myself at the beginning of the day due to rushing around to and from meetings, and then overdid it at the end of the day with my wind down wine, a takeaway and an amazing box set. And, although these are home comforts and great for relaxation, I’ve come to realise I was probably just forcing myself to relax in the wrong ways, not really enjoying it, and then moving swiftly on to the next day.

Now, I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions or even making many lifestyle changes! But this year I decided to join the gym, to eat healthy AND… wait for it… to STOP DRINKING! When I say this, I don’t mean FOREVER, but I was drinking a glass (or two!) of wine most nights and I realised that just wasn’t good for me!

It’s been 9 days, and it sounds pathetic to say it but it hasn’t been easy. I live opposite a grocery shop, I work crazy hours and it would be so flipping easy to fall back into the takeaway and wine routine after a long day’s work… but I am trying, and my head already feels SO much clearer.

So, although I’m hardly an expert after 9 days, these are my tips for a healthy, happy 2017:

Be prepared!

I’ve noticed that by taking the time before bed to prepare my snacks and drinks for the next working day and even sometimes by laying out my breakfast, I’ve been looking after myself SO much more! I used to rush around, make a cup of tea that I’d usually drink half of and leave by the wardrobe, then rush out of the door dehydrated and hungry and hit Starbucks when I got to the office! Now, I have a green tea and some bran flakes with coconut milk, a mid morning protein shake (they’re not as gross as they sound – I use vanilla protein powder mixed with coconut milk! It tastes like ice cream, really!), a soup at lunch and then my main meal in the evening. With my main meals, I try to stick to meat, vegetables, grains and gluten free pasta/rice alternatives (or some lovely sweet potato).

Challenge yourself!

As I mentioned above, I’ve JOINED A GYM! As a wheelchair user, it wasn’t the easiest search BUT! I finally found the perfect gym with a variety of machines and equipment that I can use. Brilliantly, I found that utilising the gym’s free trail gave me time to go in at a quiet time and find out what would and wouldn’t work for me. Surprisingly, one of the machines that I can use very easily is the leg press machine – pretty hilarious given the fact that I can’t walk! It’s a great machine that helps you to basically squat… I can’t wait to see the results!! The gym also has a hand cycle, which although I have to use it with NO RESISTANCE, it really gets the job done and gets my heart rate going. For me, it can often be daunting getting in and out of my chair in public, especially when climbing onto machines and not looking at all glamorous, but so far it’s been worth it! I’ve just had to learn that NO ONE, not one person, looks good at the gym, and if they do, they’re not working hard enough!

Be positive!

There was so much negativity floating around at the end of 2016, and although some really bad things have happened and are happening, I’m trying to be positive on the daily. I always remember this little story when I need to smile:

An optimist and a pessimist go on a round-the-world cruise. Halfway round the world, the cruise ship hits and iceberg and goes down. The two people end up side by side in the ocean, each of them clinging for dear life to a little bit of wood. The optimist keeps smiling and says “Don’t worry, we’re going to be rescued” and the pessimist looks all sad and says “You’re crazy, we’re all going to die.” Now this conversation goes on for a while, back and forth, until eventually…they both drown!  The point is that it makes no difference to the outcome of an event whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist. But if you’re an optimist, the time you spend waiting to find out is a lot less painful.

Chill the hell out!

I’ve found that the cliché things are really helping me to calm down and sleep:

  1. Lavender Oil – I sprinkle this on my pillow and rub it into my wrists and temples before I sleep.
  2. Meditation playlists – There’s one on Apple Music called “Lucid Dreaming” and it really works.  It helps me relax in the way that a spa playlist does… and gives me some really crazy and vivid dreams.
  3. Reading LOTS – I love reading and I’ve recently acquired a Kindle.  It’s so easy to use and handy, I’ve already read two books in 2017!

So, even though I am by no means an expert after 9 days of relatively healthy living, for now, I’m using these as points to live by and I’m taking every day at a time. On the plus side for you guys, because I’m not going out, and I’m not drinking or doing basically anything at all, I’ll be watching a hell of a lot of new TV this month.  Expect a review from me, SOON!

Kel x

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