Throughout my life, I have always tried to find the most natural, gentle solution to any medical problem; trying different diets, acupuncture, chiropractic sessions, massage, kinesiology, you name it, I’ve tried it. Whilst I believe that alternative therapies can work really well, not all are suited to every condition, and I only have to look at my son and the number of times his life has been saved by modern medicine to know it’s not all evil.

As a sufferer of Interstitial Cystitis, my bladder lining has become so damaged that I have to take daily prophylactic antibiotics to stop from getting constant infections. I did not take the decision lightly to take antibiotics long term, but while I’m trying to search for a better, healthier alternative, I’m at the mercy of them (and this has been the case for four years so far)!

In the meantime, this leaves me with some undesirable side effects, one being a rash on my face, (perioral dermatitis), that leaves me feeling really self-conscious.

Although I am all for the latest #skinpositivity Instagram beauty trend, I just don’t feel quite confident enough myself to have my bad skin on show. But, armed with some amazing products, I can face the world again with confidence.

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far…

#1 Mineral makeup is your friend as long as it’s bismuth free. I love the BareFaced Beauty brand for this and if you use a soft brush and lightly buff over your face and irritated areas, it covers pretty well. A powder won’t make the irritated area look flaky either like a liquid one can and won’t leave you looking like Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise. If you’re worried about staying power, use a setting spray. You could use any natural rose water spray to be soothing, but to be honest I find that the E.L.F Mist and Set has more staying power!

#2 Do not exfoliate the affected area.

#3 Try to use products without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (it’s the stuff that makes products foam). Also, Fluoride toothpaste can be a culprit, (I use the fluoride free Euthymol, It’s not too expensive and I’m a sucker for the retro packaging)!

#4 Aloe vera gel and honey actually work well. Mix the two for a soothing face mask.

#5 Do not be duped into using a steroid cream. Doctors seem to love prescribing this for Perioral Dermatitis, (My  GP did), but honestly stay clear, it actually makes it worse!

#6 Try not to over moisturise the area too much, even though it might seem dry. If you do, I would recommend La Roche Posay Cicaplast cream, this helps to calm the redness.

#7 Try to cut down on coffee, sugar and eat food that is as natural as possible. (This one’s a tough one)!

#8 Breathe! Easier said than done, but stress does make it worse.

Unfortunately, everyone’s skin is different so what works for me might not work for everyone. Skin problems can seem like a minefield sometimes, but try to stay sane by keeping track of the changes you’re making and what’s working for you. Good luck!

About The Author

After gaining a degree in Fashion and Textiles with Business Studies from the University of Brighton, where she spent a year in Industry working for John Rocha in Dublin, Lucy went on to study for an MA in Textile Design from the Royal College of Art in London. After graduating, Lucy worked on a number of freelance projects, including a lighting display at Kensington Palace and creating laser cut designs for Inbar Spector. Following many years as a freelance designer and maker, Lucy satisfied a lifelong fascination and took a year out to study hairdressing at the Sassoon Academy. After graduating from the academy, she went back to design and laser cut work and set up Dot Laser Ltd, a successful laser cutting business. Now, as well as a full time mother to a beautiful boy with Down Syndrome, Lucy freelances as a designer and part-time blogger.

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