When can you get £5000 for £1? If you decided to take a punt on Leicester City winning the Premier League, that’s when! Some lucky people have won £100,000+.. That’s serious, potentially life changing, money from what would have been seen as a ridiculous bet – I certainly wouldn’t have frittered away £20 on those kind of odds. And that’s why I’m not rich!!

Everyone loves an underdog and this particular story captured the heart of the nation and even the world. In just 5 minutes after they won the title, there were nearly half a million tweets from around the world mentioning Leicester City. It really has put Leicester on the map and local economy will benefit for years to come.

After Leicester’s 3-1 win against Man City in February, the belief that they could be title contenders became credible but by no means guaranteed. But Ranieri’s team held on, closed ranks in defence – hardly giving away any goals in the second half of the season compared to their more open play of the first half – and played excellent counter attacking football with Vardy and Mahrez sprinting up the other end and scoring for the win.

Yes, they’ve also been bought by a billionaire but the total cost of their team is £29m compared to £281m of Manchester City, so credit is due to Ranieri for getting the most out of his players. In April of last season they were facing relegation sitting at the bottom of the table; to turn this form around is truly astounding – even more so when you consider every other winner of the league, in its history, have had a top three finish in the previous season to their win.

And so the fairytale happened, the huge street parties ensued, a city joined together in jubilation and people of the footballing world were relieved it brought romance and hope back to the beautiful game. The game which in more recent times seemed more and more disheartening for those clubs not owned by the billionaires who could inject tonnes of cash to buy the best players, creating a huge divide between the haves and the have nots. Now there’s a glimmer of hope for them, although I doubt such an amazing sporting triumph will occur again. Even supporters of the other title contenders were (mostly) magnanimous in defeat, acknowledging the huge achievement and feel-good factor of Leicester City’s remarkable win. I can hear Hollywood calling….

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