Minecraft was first created in 2009 by a Swedish game developer named Markus Persson, the game was later developed and published by Mojang for PC players. Within the game you’re able to build, craft and create all sorts of things as well as go on adventures around your world you’ve created, and each time you start a new save the new world will be slightly different from the last.


A lovely sunset scene behind a bridge over a river within Minecraft


I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012, I first got it on Xbox 360 but ended playing my Playstation consoles more so I chose to get it for the PS3 and PS4. I spent hours immersed in the game; creating pixel art was one of my favourite things to do (pictures/art out of squares). I started to notice that Minecraft had become very popular with the younger generation (10 and under) about 3 years ago, I had no issue with this as it’s such a great game for all ages. Because of its popularity Minecraft is now available on apps for your phones and tablets as well as gaming consoles and PCS, I liked that there was such a variety of things for people to play it on as not everyone can afford a console or a PC. Ever since I had started playing Minecraft I always thought that this could open children’s minds and teach them a few things, one of the main skills is patience. If you’re not playing Minecraft on creative mode you have to be very patient in collecting and creating what it is you desire. Having to save up certain materials and working out how much more you will need to finish off what you’re building will help kids learn the importance of saving and how to be patient when it comes to saving; it’s one of those life skills I always wish I had learnt when I was younger.


In-game picture of Minecraft, featuring a horse, pig and chicken


Violence in video games is a big concern when it comes to parents and it’s understandable because children are very impressionable. The fact that Minecraft allows people to turn on peaceful mode so there aren’t any enemies is a great upside to this game and can help parents relax knowing their children aren’t witnessing any violence. The creative side of Minecraft helps your child’s imagination run wild, there is so much to build and reminds me a lot of when I use to play Lego as a kid; Minecraft is the virtual version of Lego, and a lot less messy! Recently the developers of Minecraft brought out Minecraft Story; this is a whole new Minecraft game. It allows you to follow a story, solve puzzles and watch cut scenes rather than just crafting. So if your child likes the original game I’m sure they would love the story. In my honest opinion I feel that Minecraft has all the elements for a perfect and safe game for kids to play, you can play along with them or their friend can so they don’t get bored playing alone, you’re able to play it offline so they don’t end up speaking to any strangers online which is always a worrying aspect about children playing games. If I had kids I wouldn’t mind them obsessing over this game, the merchandise is adorable and it’s the kind of game that they can still enjoy as they get older.

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  1. Bella

    I love Minecraft so much! Have to say, at first the mobs / monsters scared me half to death haha! Great article 🙂


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