SO, some have you may have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last couple of issues, and I’m really, truthfully sorry about this. I absolutely LOVE writing for Liability Magazine and I love the group of girls that I write with, but between planning a three day beer/music festival, trying to run a business and attempting to semi-function like a normal adult, I’ve had little to no time to do my favourite thing (write!).

Today’s piece is going to be a little bit different, because for today I am on the other side of the TV screen. Yep, that was me with my unfortunately gappy fringe and tear stained cheeks staring at you from the other side (highlight on fleek though).

Although I’ve watched some PHENOMENAL TV (Stranger things, NEW THE WALKING DEAD, Audrey & Daisy.. and many more!) the past few months, I will have to keep some of that for another time as this month it’s all about ME, ME, ME…and Jaz, but let’s focus on me.

Jaz (kelly's husband) sitting on sofa

We took part in the new channel 4 show, “The Lie Detective” earlier this year and it was honestly an amazing experience. It was the first TV show either of us have been in and being there all day, filming, chatting with the team and eating retro sweets in the green room was the BEST (especially because they had those little parma violet sweets from party bags circa 1994… YES!)

Since it aired, we’ve been getting so many questions that relate to the show:

“Why did we want to take part?!”

“Why did we have unanswered questions when we are married?”

“What did the show do for us?”

“What’s next for us?”


Kelly and Jaz sitting round a table with the lie detector man

I think the best thing for me to do is break them down and answer below:

  1. Why did we want to take part? This is an EASY question to answer. Around the time that we heard about the show was the time that the film “Me Before You” was EVERYWHERE! (To keep my opinions on this film short and sweet you can read more about that here I believe that “Me Before You” paints a severely bleak view of disability and romantic relationships, and I think it’s important to highlight that the word “burden” is a difficult one to hear and digest and, actually, it’s OK to be a bit of a pain, or hard to deal with, or to have a non conventional life without being a burden on your partner or your time together. Basically I wanted to ask Jaz questions about how he felt when helping me on a daily basis, in good faith that he wouldn’t completely slate me on national TV, and that we’d hopefully demonstrate traits of a completely normal, loving relationship, regardless of ability or disability.
  1. Why did we have unanswered questions when we are married? This question was batted around the internet A LOT following our appearance on the show! It’s not that we have or had unanswered questions about our future, but more the fact that we don’t always sit down and discuss serious issues. Just like a normal couple, following a gruelling day of work or travel, when you are finally sitting down to a meal or glass of wine, the first thing on our list isn’t always “Let’s discuss our plans for the next 5, 10, 15… years!” We have them, we’ve talked about them, but things change! We are never 100% fixed on any decision; we change constantly and evolve constantly as a couple.
  1. What did the show do for us? The show was amazing. It was great to just sit down, in a calm (and really pretty!) environment and just TALK. We were asked tones of questions, obviously they didn’t have time to show them all on the show but they ranged from funny, to sexual, to romantic to down right weird! We spent the day, laughing… and crying! and came away from the experience feeling euphoric!
  1. Whats next for us?! This is OBVIOUSLY the question that we get asked the most following the show! And all I can say is, I don’t know! But I know it’ll be exciting. As I mentioned briefly above, we change daily! Our moods change, our ideas change, our plans change, where we want to live changes… basically EVERYTHING CHANGES! It’s just exciting to have a partner and a person that I spend my life with on a daily basis that is equally as excitable, adaptable and as dedicated to our life as I am.


So, after a really weird blog about ME and US! It’s time for me to go, normality will be restored next time and I will be back to talking about watching TV, not being on it…

If you have any more questions for me please feel free to tweet me @kellypeebz AND make sure you watch our episode of The Lie Detective on Channel 4 On Demand ALL 4 (Season 1, Episode 3). You can also watch The Lie Detective every Monday night on Channel 4 at 11pm.

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