I’ve been quietly pinching myself; at the prospect of putting on my own couture fashion show for us ladies with dwarfism. I’m mainly concentrating on women above a certain age. That’s primarily because I’m in my late forties and I believe I am at a pivotal time in my life that I want to express who I really am! I now feel more confident than ever. There would be no better city to kick off my fashion show than, right here in London Town! The fashion capital of the world.

I’ve modelled down many a runway in my time for various designers. My latest catwalk saw me walking in Ginza fashion week Tokyo for the International Dwarf Fashion Show. I haven’t just modelled for designers for Little People, but average height too.

I’m thinking of a concept, she wore it tall she wore it small… To showcase whatever your size, we should all able to access high end, high fashion, bespoke evening gowns for whatever the occasion. I know only too well how difficult accessing well made, beautifully designed dresses can be.

An illustration of a dress design by Mary

It is one of my bug bears, that I have never been included in a market that is saturated by the same type of look time and time again. Continually ignoring and failing to provide a range of well-fitted evening wear for that special smaller someone with mature body type.Mary designs

I’ve been approached countless times; the question always remains the same. Do you make your own clothes? First of all why should I have to consider making my own clothes? Do you? Mainstream shoppers buy ready to wear clothing off the peg. Why should I be any different just because I have a genetic condition called Achondroplasia commonly known as dwarfism.

The reality of this unfairness is unreal. If I buy mainstream I still run into difficulties. As I have to spend a considerable amount of time making alterations. Which is costly! If I make my own clothes, the time and money it takes to turn around one garment – that style, colour and fashion is no longer relevant *rolls eyes*

So, I’m giving it ago. How successful I will become remains to be seen. I’m still learning the art of fashion and design myself. Inevitably I will encounter teething problems along the way. The main thing is being realistic and true to myself as a designer. It will not be a one size fits all type solution, it maybe a case of wearing my gowns for myself as a way of getting my work and inspiration out there. I, on my own cannot and will not, be able to solve all little people issues relating to clothes. I am just one woman, mother and lover of eloquent clothes. This is my way of trying to help a community of people to have a platform in the fashion world. A world where we people with dwarfism have never featured on the radar of most fashion designers or in reputable literature. Time to introduce the world to a designer who wants to be included!

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I'm mother to Reece my 18 yr old son. Do you reach for the dictionary when you hear the word Achondroplasia? Most do... in Laymans terms it's short for 'dwarfism'. My condition is the the butt of many a jokes, so if you want to continue, calling me the 'M' word by all means do...but I promise you will hear a bunch of profanities from me. I want to get involved with Liability Magazine to challenge myself by providing monthly updates on my sewing/ designing quest. The highs and lows...And just damn right showing off!

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