I’m the first to admit that as soon as a gorgeous new eye shadow palette is released I’m all over that baby as quick as possible. They’re always encased in pretty packaging with amazing colours, and if it’s cool toned, I need that shit in my life. But I’ll also admit, sometimes I buy these palettes when I already have three other palettes that house practically the same colours but with a variation on quality and pigment. I’m a beauty hoarder, I can’t help it, okay? So as much as I want the hottest new product on the market, I have to put my logical hat on and consider whether I actually need it or I just want it to make my Instagram theme look cute.

As much as the latest Too Faced palette is enticing me, I’m trying to ask myself, ‘do you really need this, Sarah? Do you have these colours?’

Anyway, as I’ve grown up I’ve noticed what colours work best on my eyes. I’m very fair, I could be related to Casper; I have blue eyes and brown hair, and I’m a huge lover of cool toned eye shadows. Reds and browns are all well and good but if they’re too warm I look ill. I like a grey, purples, pinks – anything dusty and I’m all over it. Most of the time readymade palettes don’t house all the colours that suit me, so I’ve been making my own.

The Make Up Geek logo

Make Up Geek are sold on Beauty Bay and have every colour and finish you could possibly think of; matte, shimmer, foiled, duo chrome. I have three Z-Palettes of single eye shadow pans of colours that I know will suit me, and a few I just love and want to play around with. They’re super cheap, and a few months ago Beauty Bay had a 50% off offer on all MUG, so I went a little wild. Creating your own palette is a great way to get shadows that you know you will use and they’re completely customisable. I have a small Z-Palette that fits nine shadows which I use when I travel; I take a few crease colours, a transitional, lid shades and some shimmers. I always make sure I have a good selection that complement each other so my looks can be changed up.

Mac also sell individual eye shadow pans but are double the price of Make Up Geek and to be honest, I prefer MUG. If you want to start your own palette and use MUG shadows, the absolute essentials are: White Lies, Beaches and Cream, Crème Brulee, Frappe, Cupcake, Bitten, Corrupt and Shimma Shimma.

Go fourth and create the eye shadow palette of your dreams and even potentially hit pan on some of your favourites!

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