This guy I’m seeing is asking A LOT of questions about my disability.  I really like that he’s interested and wants to get to know me, but it’s becoming a bit much now – what do I say?


Hi B, thanks so much for your question.

This is a really tough one; often as disabled people, we worry that potential partners without disabilities won’t be interested in us because of our differences – but you’ve got the opposite issue! I think it’s important to think about the kind of questions that your guy is asking. Are they practical questions on what you are able and unable to do, and how he could help you? He might just be trying to understand everything and work out what amazing accessible dates he could take you on! It’s good to remember that lots of people have absolutely no experience of disability, so he might just be a bit nervous whilst wanting to do the right thing and be a great partner.  If his questions seem creepy and are making you uncomfortable to spend time with him, rather than uncomfortable answering obvious disability questions, then it may well be time to assess the relationship and move on if that’s not what you’re looking for.  Hope this helps, and stay safe!
Em x

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