As you know one of our favourite topics at Liability and Enhance the UK, the charity which publishes Liability, is sex and disability. Why? Because sex is an important part of our lives and because, quite frankly, most people are afraid to use sex and disability in the same sentence. Through our campaign ‘Undressing Disability’ we want to raise awareness of the fact that disabled people need and want sex too. We also want to provide disabled people with advice on sex and relationships – and judging by our inbox – this is badly needed.

So, we are thrilled to be partnering with Lovehoney who also want to talk about sex and disability. In its regular column Lovehoney will be sharing sex toy product reviews written by disabled people. Enjoy!


A lady in red underwear sitting on the 'position enhancer' by love honey

The Position Enhancer

The toy: Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Why it’s great: For anyone who struggles to support their body during intercourse or foreplay, sex cushions and position enhancers like this one open up a whole world of sexual positions to enjoy.

Not only do the quadruple-layered straps across the foam-covered frame give strong and sturdy support, but they’re also elasticated for added bounce-factor.

Because it’s open in the centre, and easily adjustable, penetration and oral sex becomes a doddle to explore. Included with the chair is a leaflet showing just some of the positions you can enjoy, but there are few positions that can’t be improved with this – just let your imagination run wild!

What people say: “This seat allowed me to enjoy positions I previously could not enjoy and even allowed me to experiment with entirely new ones.”


a butterfly shaped hands free vibrator by love honey

The Hands-Free Vibrator

The toy: Lovehoney Venus Butterfly 10 Function Hands-Free Vibrator

Why it’s great: Finding the perfect place to aim your vibrator is one thing – but keeping it there isn’t always as straightforward.

Luckily, this pink clitoral vibrator features elasticated straps that sit around the tops of your thighs, keeping the powerful vibrations exactly where you want them. A raised ‘nose’ targets your clit, while the vibrating jelly wings either side pass the vibrations to your labia for added stimulation. The best part is that the vibrator comes with an easy-to-operate single-button remote which you can hold, or pass to a partner to operate instead. And, because it sits at the front of your body, it doesn’t get in the way during penetration, either.

What people say: “The hands-free aspect is brilliant and definitely a turn on knowing you can use other toys at the same time.”


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