Every brand and their sister are coming out with liquid lipsticks. There’s been a huge influx of them across the high-end and high street market, and I promise you if you go into Boots you will see at least three (no doubt ten if the store is huge), brands selling liquid lipstick.

The awesome thing about this kind of lipstick is the majority are matte, long-wearing, non-transferable and pigmented. Obviously certain formulas are better than others, and clearly people look for different things, but I think liquid lipstick has become so popular because of how easy it is.

Who wouldn’t want to apply lipstick in the morning, go to lunch, do some shopping, do whatever it is you do during the day, get home in the early evening, eat again and still have your lipstick nicely sat there on your lips? No touch-ups during the day, no anxiety about whether it’s left that stripe of colour on your chin, no bleeding or feathering. Liquid lipstick is a lazy girls (or boys) dream.

I’ve worn nothing but liquid lipstick for at least six months, it’s just so easy. Granted some of the darker colours take a bit of getting used to as you can quickly mess up and it’s difficult to get an even line but with practice and the use of a lip liner, (or even concealer) it can be quickly rectified. I use a lip liner when applying any colour to my lips as they’re uneven and a liner helps give them a fuller, more symmetric appearance.

Liquid lipsticks you need to check out if you haven’t tried any are: Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick, Dose of Colors Matte liquid lipstick and Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream.

If you want a long-wearing lipstick, you need to get on the liquid bandwagon; it’ll change your life. Okay, not your life, but it’ll add to your makeup collection and you won’t be mad at it.



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