There are a lot of different slang words for all kinds of lesbians. The most known are the really boyish, manly lesbians we call “butches”. The opposite are “lipstick lesbians”, really feminine lesbians. We even have a name for the famous preconception, the lesbian who moves in very quickly with those she dates; we call them, “U-Haul lesbians.”

For example, have you ever heard of “Janey”? It really sounds like a name and that reminds me of the weird habit a lot of straight women have naming their boyfriends dicks. “Luke” would be a great example, but unfortunately in this story it means vaginal fluids during sex.

A lot of men are convinced that lesbian sex is hot but isn’t real sex; you have to penetrate women to make them orgasm. As women we know that this isn’t always the case. Sex for us is of course only about cuddling, intimacy and love. Fuck that, literally. If we would be satisfied with just that, tell me why the percentage of women in a heterosexual relationship faking orgasms is at least as high as 70 percent and the percentage of women in a same-sex relationship is way lower? Unfortunately that’s a really high percentage and it shouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t search for answers.

The problem is not really to be found in penetration or in the lack of it. It’s much more complicated than that. In the vagina there a lot of nerve endings, but a lot of people don’t know where or how to stimulate it correctly. The lack of sexual communication is a big part of the problem, next to the fact that some women aren’t fully in touch with their own bodies, their own sexuality or even feel comfortable enough to talk about it. Communication is a very crucial part of sex, to satisfy both parties. Due to pornography, examples are set and many men who watch porn try to act out what they’ve learned. This can conflict the sexual relationship, making sex for straight women partially or sometimes not pleasurable. Women in same-sex relationships tend to be gentler when it comes to intercourse. They also tend to communicate better sexually which is why the percentage of fake orgasms is much lower for female same-sex relationships. This doesn’t mean you have to jump the very first woman you see, because sex should be and can be satisfying no matter what your sexual orientation is.


Here are some helpful links for people with vaginas and love vaginas:

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