Kelly's Top Three Beauty Tips
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Our beauty writer, Kelly Perks Bevington, is a busy working mum. In her latest video for us she gives the low down on  the three products that she couldn’t live without at the moment:

  • Armani Prima Colour Control Glow moisturiser SPF 35
  • Individual eye lash extensions available at most good Beauticians
  • Soap and Glory ‘sexy motherpucker’ pillow lip gloss in ‘nude in town’


About The Author

I’m Kelly Perks-Bevington, I’m on the wrong side of 25 and I am a business owner. I joined Liability as I’ve always wanted to be a writer and to contribute something to society, but I don’t have the patience and I’m way too flakey! I will be writing each month about Film & TV but please expect my “columns” to go off on complete tangents, as I cannot control my train of thought, sorry! If you have any cool show/documentary/film recommendations or just want to talk - please drop me a line on Twitter.

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