Oh my days, please bow down and praise whatever deity you like, because Kat Von D Beauty is finally coming to the UK. I first heard this amazing news on Twitter and I’m not going to lie, I did a little happy dance in my chair because I’ve been a massive fan of Kat’s beauty line for ages and we need it to be more accessible over here. My best friend went to New York a few years ago and I gave him the longest list you could ever think of, featuring all KVD products and the little gem brought them home and right into my lipstick-swatched hands. He picked up a liquid lipstick in Berlin (a stunning warm rose shade) amongst other things and my love affair with the brand began.

So, before this bloody awesome news (I guess it’s only awesome if you’re a beauty junkie, but hey, go with me on this journey), Kat Von D Beauty was only available at Sephora, and I will be forever bitter that we don’t have a Sephora over here either, but that’s beside the point. Us lot in the UK can purchase from Sephora online but shipping and customs is pretty damn expensive (alas, it hasn’t stopped me) and trying to get US products for a reasonable delivery option is nigh on impossible. The woes of a makeup junkie in the far-off kingdom of united.

The makeup gods have heard my cries, all my fellow beauty addicts cries, and Kat Von D Beauty is launching in Debenhams online on September 13th and then instore in Debenhams Oxford Street from October 5th. Even then I stopped typing and put my hand on my heart, looked to the heavens and gave thanks. Am I being dramatic? Some might say so, but those of you that know and love makeup, will be with me. Now, I just have to make sure I’m in London on the 5th October because there’s absolutely no way in hell I’m missing this. I’ll obviously be going on an online spree as soon as it’s launched in Sept but there’s nothing better than being surrounded by makeup in a department store. And I bet Kat’s counter/stand will be so fucking cool because she’s fucking cool. She was showing off samples of her displays for her UK debut on Instagram a few days ago and it’s all script type, filigree and skulls – which I’m obsessed with.

So, yeah, believe it or not guys, I’m super-duper excited about this. I get to nab some more Everlasting liquid lipsticks, which are some of my favourite formula lippies, and I definitely want to try her Metal Crush eye shadows, as they look gorgeous. I should probably start saving up now.

If you fancy sharing in the excitement of KVD coming to the UK, tweet me @WonderlandBlogs – I always need more beauty enthusiasts in my life. Until then, I’ll count down the days until Kat Von D is in the UK and smother my face with the products of hers I already own.

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