At the moment, my body is not cooperating with me at all. I’m essentially house bound. In theory, I can get up and do things – I potter around the house, dabble a bit in this and that and whatnot, but in practice I can only do these things for about half an hour once my pain pills have fully kicked in. This has been going on for around two months – I have some good days, but they are few and far between, and filled with work. It’s on the bad days I’ve come to appreciate the little things more, the things that distract me or make me feel a bit more human, and not a mess of constantly misfiring neurons.


  1. Clean hair.

I am an avid user of dry hair shampoo. I go through quite few bottles a month trying to look fresh (damn you oily scalp), but that doesn’t leave me feeling fresh. So, I’ve been getting the Gent to lend me a hand washing my hair, and it make me feel so much better and put together. I always feel more ‘ill’ when I’m unable to take care of the basic things like cleaning my teeth, or washing my hair.


  1. Nature documentaries.

I recently stumbled onto the YouTube channel Brave Wilderness, and I adore it. The episodes are a decent length, and are perfect to have on in the background when I want something to occupy my mind, but at the same time zone out.


  1. Dresses

I have a growing collection of sweat pants, yoga pants, comfy joggers etc, in my closet – I think they will soon surpass the amount of non comfy clothes I have, but I’ve learnt that there’s a time and a place for them. Just like cleaning my hair, getting dressed in clothes that are comfy, but more suited to leaving the house helps me feel a bit more put together.


  1. Lavender

It’s a simple scent, and useful to aid in relaxation, but it can be overpowering. To combat this I dilute it down with some water in a spray bottle, and use it to help me calm down when my pain is flaring, or my thoughts are racing.


  1. Communication

I keep coming back to this, but it really is an important point. I’ve had times recently where my pain is at a 9 or 10. The Gent has never seen really seen me at a 9 or 10 before so it’s been a learning experience for us both. In a way we’ve had to learn a new language – when the pain gets too bad there’s a point I end up miming what I want. We soon learnt that when I feel better it’s important for me to tell him what really helps in those moments, whether it’s a heat blanket, fresh air etc. Communicating these things in advance makes this pain flares a little easier for us both to deal with.


  1. Organisation

Mess makes me feel worse. It’s a tried, and unintentionally tested fact. I feel more stressed, and frustrated when the house is messy, so I’ve been trying to keep things as organised as possible. Mainly, the things I use most often. I brought myself a new pill box, plastic compartment storage box, and a new make up case recently as more often than not once I’m downstairs for the day that’s that – I’m not going back up. By having these few storage items around me it means I can have the important things – like make up, and work essentials close to me without the house seeming to cluttered.


What little things help you feel better in order to get through those tough days?

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