After my divorce several years ago, I’ve met someone new and it’s going brilliantly. I’ve not yet introduced him to my children, and my youngest is quite severely disabled. This is the first man I’ve met since my husband who I can really see a future with, so I don’t want to scare him off, but it goes without saying that my children are my first priority, and always will be. Do you have any tips to make the first introductions go smoothly please?




Hi Cath, many thanks for writing in to us.

We can understand your dilemma, and this might sound cliché, but if he’s right for you, he won’t be scared off by your beautiful family. When you next see him, before you make any introductions, explain that there’s something you’d like him to know before he meets your children. Part of me thinks you shouldn’t have to tell him about your disabled son, as it almost feels like you’re unnecessarily ‘warning’ him, but I think that giving him a heads up beforehand is ultimately the more considerate thing to do for everyone involved. Don’t make a big deal out of it; it really isn’t one, and I’m sure your family have a brilliant system in place to make sure that all your son’s requirements are catered for 🙂 If your new partner has any questions, answer them as fairly and honestly as you can, and perhaps allow him a bit of time to digest the information. But ultimately, if he’s the guy for you and your family, telling him will go well, and so will the introductions.


Good luck!


Em X


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