The manifesto included a number of actions not least a review of disabled people’s access and, if needed, amending regulations to improve disabled access to licensed premises, parking and housing. Anyone who knows anything at all about access will know that there is a definite need to address access issues, especially more accessible housing. I for one know several people who are living in unsuitable accommodation which impacts profoundly on their day to day living but can’t find accessible accommodation which will meet their needs.

In fact within the two paragraph section on disability in the 89 page briefing document there was only reference to measures already taken by the government. From my point of view this highlights the lack of emphasis placed on disability by the Conservative Government.

There was also a severe lack of detail on proposed action on the social care crisis. With just under half of disabled adults who say they need social care not receiving any support at all this is an issue which urgently needs to be addressed.

On a positive note I was pleased to see that disability discrimination was mentioned. All I can say really is watch this space to see if the government honours its manifesto but I wouldn’t recommend that you hold your breath …..






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Claire has worked with Deaf children for a number of years, initially as an Educational Communicator and then as a teacher. She recently moved into working in the community to support Deaf adults as a Community Support Worker. She is chairperson of Bedfordshire Deaf Children’s Society and secretary for Luton Deaf Football Club. She has also provided Deaf Awareness training to various organisations. Claire has her level 2 British Sign Language Certificate although she has been signing from a young age as she is deaf herself. Initially Claire was a hearing aid user but after losing her residual hearing several years ago she has had a Cochlear Implant. Claire is often accompanied to work by her hearing dog Ivy.

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