How many of you forget what it’s like to be a fun mum?  I know I think I do, but I also know why.  Because we’re all so bloody busy!!

A beautiful evening on the beach

I had a cheeky few relaxing days away with my family last week. Whilst sat in the hot tub one evening with my six year old, we started talking about memories. The conversation turned to favourite memories and I asked her “what is your favourite memory with mummy?”   Her response floored me.  She didn’t say that Christmas she got lots of gifts.  She didn’t say that all-inclusive holiday that cost thousands of pounds.  She didn’t say that holiday week where we visited 12 places in three days.  She simply replied “that time we went to get sweeties in our pyjamas.”

The time in question is when we went “love-bombing” (I’ll explain in a bit) and after getting ready for bed, we decided we needed some Haribo for watching a movie in bed.  So off we went to the ground floor of the hotel in our pyjamas.  Admittedly I actually pulled some trousers on, as the general public were not ready to see my ass in bedtime shorts, but as far as my daughter was concerned, we went for sweeties in our pyjamas.

Now let me tell you about Love Bombing.  Love Bombing is a technique used to “reset your child’s emotional thermostat” according to author Oliver James.  I’ll let you research for yourself, but to give you a brief overview in my own words, you let the child take the reins for a period of time and during that time they’re boss. They choose where to go, what to do, when to eat etc.  I was sceptical at first, but it wasn’t long before my lass was begging me to take over being mum again.  Now my daughter and I are close, very close, she’s my world. But already at six  there’s a power struggle at times, you can see defiance rear it’s ugly head.  This Love Bombing really did reset the emotions between us.

Not only did it reset the emotions, but it gave my daughter one of her favourite memories – going for sweeties in our PJs.

If you’re like me, you’ll worry that you work too much and don’t spend as much time with your kids as you should.  But just know this, that doesn’t stop you being a fun mum or a good mum, because it’s the little things that you won’t even consider to be significant that will matter the most to them. That, and knowing they are loved.

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A gobby middle-aged Scottish biker-bird now settled in Yorkshire, Fran is a right arm amputee after a nasty motorbike accident in 2012.  Mother to a wonderful fruitcake of a daughter (age 6) she lives with her very patient and laid-back partner who also has two daughters (age 8 & 9).  Trying to break free from the Corporate rat race, Fran has started writing and some of her blogs can be found here:- 2 Arms Are Overrated and @RantyFran   Fran loves a good night out on the lash every now and then, but don’t be like Fran who forgets she’s not 21 anymore and then spends a week suffering.  Fran thinks dressing gown and slippers are more appropriate than high heels these days.

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