In 8 weeks, my twin sister is going to marry the love of her life in a stunning ceremony in Alicante, Spain. I’m a bridesmaid and (of course!) want to look great on the day and throughout my time abroad. But there’s one pretty big catch: my disability and use of a wheelchair are making choosing dresses for the hen dos, evening meals and the wedding night quite the task.

Long maxi dresses? They get caught in my castor wheels. Anything fitted with a zip up the back is pretty useless as my arms unfortunately can’t reach around that far, and just forget anything sleeveless; the one down side of big, muscular pushing arms is that they sadly don’t look too feminine!! A short, sequinned shift dress is currently high on my list but might be a little on the hot and heavy side in the Spanish sun (oh well, whoever said beauty was ever painless?)

If you have any great suggestions of dress types that suit those of us who sit down, or the sites I could venture onto and buy them from, please save this girl from bridesmaid fashion misery and let me know!



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