Tangerine, Paris Hilton, The Only Way is Essex. These are (rightly or wrongly), the things that used to go through my head when someone mentioned fake tan to me. I’ve always had such pale skin, the sort that almost looks see-through in Winter, that I assumed that fake tan was always going to look utterly ridiculous on me and I would be doomed for eternity to either be an orange streaky mess or,  as my mother would call me, ‘pale and interesting’. Turns out I was wrong, perhaps this would have been the case ten years ago, but there are so many different types of fake tan on the market now, you can pretty much find something to suit everyone and it can look natural to boot.

After going into a reputable pharmacy to grab some moisturiser, I happened to walk past a stand full to the brim with tanning products. Having usually shied away from this area of the store, I paused for a moment and looked to see what was on offer and found myself intrigued and slightly bemused by some of the products. Apparently, tanning water is now a thing…..water?! The fact that it was a colourless liquid made me feel more comfortable somehow, but on the other hand, how could water turn me into a bronzed goddess I asked myself?! Alongside the water, there were mousses, gradual tanning moisturises, oils and even masks, don’t even get me started on the extras…mitts, buffs, scrubs, removers, this tanning malarkey is no joke! I decided to play it (semi) safe with a brand I had heard of before, a heavyweight of the tanning industry, St. Tropez and their Gradual Tan In Shower in ‘Golden Glow Light’. It promised a golden glow in 3 minutes and being someone who hates mess and likes convenience, this had my name on it! It wasn’t a bad price either, you can pick it up for under £15. As I had some reward points to spend in store, I also threw caution to the wind and bought  Isle of Paradise’s Self-Tanning Water in ‘Light’. I basically had a vision in my head that after using my new Gradual Tan by St.Tropez all over my body, I might look like my face had been screwed on from the difference in colour. Although the St.Tropez product did state that you could use it on your face, my skin is sometimes a bit sensitive so I thought I had better not. Instead, I opted for adding drops to a moisturiser I already use. I reasoned that this would be better for my skin and also last longer, turns out, I was right. I also like the fact that you can add as little or as much as you like for more control on how tanned you become. You can use the drops on your body too but the in shower stuff just seemed like less hassle somehow.

I used both products the day before a wedding (which probably wasn’t the smartest idea I’ve ever had), but to my delight, I looked like I had a natural, healthy tan. They both have my rookie seal of approval and I think my days of a whiter shade of pale are finally over. Plenty of women look utterly stunning as pale beauties, just take Dita Von Tease or Gwen Stefani for example, but having a healthy glow (fake or not), definitely suits me better.

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