Be a kid, Rocket Girl aka coach Mary Doyle, wants you to imagine your best self.

I’m going to share an approach from an Australian coach called Blair Robinson, which really resonated with me. “When you think about it a goal is just an imagined reality. When we create a goal – in life, in business or anywhere, what we’re actually doing is engaging our imagination to create a reality that we prefer. So then it follows that the process of achieving a goal isn’t about taking steps to change our current circumstances, it’s about changing ourselves to reveal the reality that we cleverly constructed in our imagination. How much easier would it be to achieve our goals if we truly understood that what we’re actually doing is taking action to change ourselves, and not our external circumstances?”.

a drawing with two characters, one says 'Where did you find that? I've been looking for it everywhere" the other replies, whilst holding a jar labelled 'happiness' "I created it myself"

I’ll let that sink in a bit, maybe like me you’ll need to re-read it a few times, as I did find it initially challenging, but then it made more sense to me. And I’m not suggesting I’m Yoda here, even coaches are constantly learning, it’s the beauty of the job.

By using your wonderful imagination and being curious about the reality you prefer, you are actually connecting with what you want and therefore who you are. If you’re still with me, please read on.

a quote reading "Happiness is the new rich, inner peace is the new success, health is the new wealth, kindness is the new cool

Think about a time you were very happy, content, in the zone, your absolutely best self. It’s likely you were doing things which bring you deep joy, were with people who really ‘get’ you, felt free to be your genuine, wonderful self and also free from drama or judgment. When you are aware of your values and beliefs and are with people or doing things/work which is aligned to your heart, you feel it, and I mean you really feel it. You may feel amazing and unstoppable, notice all of your senses come alight or maybe have a peace of mind which eludes you in different situations. The trick here is to be in this authentic state as much as possible as this is you being your best self and present. Ah, but this is not actually a trick at all, it’s you being you, so could be easier than you think as you’re not becoming someone else, you have you inside already. You may actually, have to let go of some of the behaviours that are covering up the rock star inside.

Through your goals you have identified a reality you prefer, and these may include some very practical or external things. Great, for each goal identified, what is it about the goal you specifically want? This is an exercise in thinking and is an opportunity to decide what it is you’re after at the base level. You may already have it inside you or even on your doorstep.

I have no problems with big goals, big dreams, and big desires as an adventure to where you want to be. Sometimes bigger is better…I’m thinking cakes and diamonds. A bigger, better you is the prize I’m aiming for.

Get imagineering to that reality.

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