Whether you are a nurse, doctor or any other person caring for unwell children, then this letter is for you.

I don’t know anything personal about you apart from the name printed on your chest, which is usually out staged by your title printed in front of it. Be it nurse, doctor, consultant or professor I don’t discriminate and how could I when I’ve seen the amount of dedication and level of hard work that goes into your profession? Your work doesn’t just involve performing specialised medical procedures because after all dealing with humans is never easy especially under such intense and stressful conditions. A neurosurgeon once said that when he was preparing to operate he would deprive the patient of any human resemblance or qualities. To have the mental ability to dehumanise a person and then face them as a real life breathing being to discuss their post surgery outcomes is a skill that I am definitely not envy of. But I get it and by get it I mean I understand the weight you bear and the guilt you carry when it comes to dealing with other people’s lives. I understand that sometimes external factors do not always make it easy for you to get your job done. I understand that we as patients do not always greet you with a smile. Before I explain what led me to even write this letter I want you to know that all I want is for you to try to understand me too.

From birth my baby was admitted into hospital where for the first time I was able to experience hospital life from the inside.


The Nurses

The welcome you gave me showered me with hope and I instantly felt reassured as I was shown to my bay. What I wasn’t made aware of was the length you would go to stick together, be it right or wrong you hurdled closely in every situation. While you were just beginning your night shift I was still settling my baby as he cried in agony from his post surgery pain. As funny as your banter and loud conversation with the assigned junior doctor for the night may be I don’t think any of us on the ward were amused in the slightest.


The Celebrity

I was told the celebrities of medicine are the neurosurgeons and boy were you hard to get hold of with your extremely busy schedules. I used to prepare my questions the night before and memorise them so that I could make use of that five minute ward round slot. I knew you were busy, but avoiding your patient post surgery is never a good sign. After the huge mistake that your theatre nurse made I would have thought that you would have more to say than “you will never find her”.  It’s amazing how those five little words summed up your whole approach to moral conduct within a second. You tried to hide this apparent act of medical negligence relatively well until a person with higher moral values than yourself thought it was my right to know. Your superior conduct was wasted on me and all we shared in common was providing my baby with the care he needs. I’ll leave you with this side not my dear celebrity. You may do this job everyday and perform the same surgery as my son’s a million times, but that was my first time and you should have been patient with my ignorance and softened that patronising tone. You are skilled at what you do and one doesn’t just stumble on such a career path without passion being the driving force, so uphold the trust you have promised and operate in a professional manner at all times.



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