Have you ever been really annoyed after applying your foundation and concealer that your eye bags (or rather suitcases in my case) are still visible? Blue/green tones under the eyes, a deep, dark blue in the inner-corner of the eye, and you’ve already layered on a full-coverage concealer? It’s done nothing; you haven’t achieved this flawless base everyone talks about. Well, ladies and gents, I’m here to tell you about the wonders of colour correcting.

The easiest way to find out what colour corrector you’ll need is to look at a colour wheel; whatever colours are opposite each other work together. For example, green and red are adjacent on the colour wheel; therefore, a green corrector will conceal any redness on the skin.

The most common colours most people use with makeup application are:
Peach/orange for under the eyes
Green for blemishes and redness
Violet to brighten dullness

If you use a corrector after primer and before foundation, you will notice a massive difference in how your skin looks. Then use a concealer for anywhere you may need some extra coverage or if you want to highlight. I’m as pale as they come so I can’t find a lighter shade of concealer to highlight with, I think my best bet is Tip-Ex but I don’t recommend it.

A lot of brands have recently jumped on the colour correcting band-wagon; you’ll be able to find palettes with a variety of correctors as well as individual colours, on both the high street and high-end, it just depends how much you want to splurge.

I couldn’t live without an orange and green corrector, they’re my absolute face-savers. Bye bye dark circles and au revoir blemishes.

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