This summer (if you don’t have “it’s survival of the fittest!” in your head, then you probably aren’t going to want to read this) I’ve had a serious, borderline worrying addiction to LOVE ISLAND. I know, I KNOW, it’s awful. Normally I try and review documentaries, or films that make you think, but yep, this time it’s all about LOVE ISLAND. I did actually write two articles this month so if you don’t want to read this one, please head over to my other article all about Festivals.

So now the people who aren’t as weak-willed as me have left, down to the good stuff! I started watching Love Island as I’d heard how bad it was, in terms of basic filth, and I just had to see if it was true. So one day I had some free time, and I started watching on iPlayer. Then one hour turned into two hours, two hours turned into basically a whole evening, and well, you get the picture. I was fully ADDICTED. The thing I liked so much about the show is that literally NO ONE was safe, they’d vote people off at random, split up couples, and if you weren’t in a couple, well you were basically going home! It made people act really irrationally and it really did show some nasty traits in people, especially because there was £50K at stake.

So rather than talk you through every episode I thought I’d share a few of my, “Love Island 2016 best bits!” Miss GB – When Zara came onto the show, she basically annoyed the hell out of me, and alienated pretty much every lad in the house. But as the show went on I really grew to like her, you saw a vulnerable side to her and it was really nice to see that even girls so blatantly stunning as Zara don’t find love easily. The fact that she was young and made mistakes was so nice to see as well as it shows that it’s completely normal and that she was just a really normal, likeable young girl!

Olivia and her many men – You’ve got to give it to her, Olivia has got game! Now Olivia is gorgeous but she’s got such a “play it cool” personality that seemed to attract literally every guy in the house. First Javi, then Dan, then Terry, Rykard, and finally Alex! She was also a really interesting character that did show vulnerabilities towards the end. The Malin and Terry situation – To be honest, at first I really liked Malin, I thought she was one of the prettiest girls in there and she seemed really genuine. However, once she got with Terry she seemed to change and became clingy, argumentative and bitchy. So I wasn’t too bothered when she got kicked out and when Terry said he would “100%” be leaving with her, I wasn’t too fussed either. But he never left. In fact, in the next episode he’d already re-coupled with Emma and they’d been on a date and kissed. Now, I know it’s a TV show but I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Malin, and it made me really dislike Terry as it was such a shady thing to do. Can you tell I’m into this?

The triangle of Sophie, Tom and Katie! – Sophie and Tom were the worst couple in there; Tom was controlling but you could tell that he genuinely liked Sophie, however I honestly think that Sophie was leading him on to win the £50k. I didn’t really like Tom, but I did feel sorry for him as I think he was way out of his depth with Sophie, but when he left I was quite relieved. Then in came Katie, who Sophie again lead on. Katie put herself on the line for Sophie and she was made to look like a fool. At first Katie seemed like she’d been thrown into the mix to stir everything up but it turns out that she was a really genuine girl (apart from the eyebrows). She also had a really good shout at Tom in the “coming home” episode.

Alex – What more can I say? He was literally the biggest piece of eye candy AND a fit Brummie. Why haven’t I seen more of those around here?

Scott and Kady – I loved Kady; she said it how it was, she was a bit of a shit stirrer, but basically she was just a girl! A bitchy but adorable girl. You can tell that Scott and Kady really liked each other and it made me laugh when he did his “recoupling” speeches and she obviously wasn’t impressed in the slightest. Just because it’s Love Island, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have Shakespeare, right?!

Nathan and Cara – OH MY GOSH, from day one, Nathan and Cara were my favourite, Cara was beautiful, real and talented, and Nathan was just HILARIOUS. The way these two bounced off each other was absolutely amazing, they were the perfect couple and it seemed like they had been together for ages. I hope that they stay together on the outside world as I really enjoyed watching them.

*Nathan and Cara won the show and split the £50K.

AND that’s it for my Love Island blog, and my addiction, I will really miss the show but I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands which is a bonus. Who was your favourite Love Island couple?

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