Hello lovely

Welcome to Liability Magazine, a publication run by women with big mouths and bigger expectations.

We’re fierce, feisty and regularly like to pose in our underwear – it’s how we all met.

Liability features a monthly collection of articles that promise to tickle the senses and cater to most. We’re women with fingers in more pies than we’d care to imagine – although we could probably eat them all between us – meaning there’s likely to be something to spark any interest.

But like all clever women should, there’s still some cards we’re playing close to our cleavages. We may well be sexy, successful and think we’re pretty hilarious, but we are also all disabled, and bloody proud of it. We’ve got so much more to say so you’ll have to read on, but we promise we won’t constantly be bashing George Osborne over the head with our political handbags – well, maybe sometimes…

Enjoy the read. Stay sassy.