After an amazing time bringing in the New Year in the incredible Barcelona, I wrote about my inclusive experience for The Independent, and thought I would share it with you!!

Holidays and adventures mostly require good planning and preparation to ensure that our flights, accommodation and activity providers are aware of our additional requirements and that we ourselves have everything we might need for the journey ahead.  As frustrating as it can be to know that just booking a flight and jetting off without a care in the world probably isn’t the best of ideas, advice and suggestions from other people in similar situations can be really helpful.

Sculptures in barcelona city

I’m a huge fan of Barcelona. It’s a beautiful city with a great mix of things to do and see. It has history, culture, lots of fun things to do, and some really nice beaches to relax by. It’s also an incredibly accessible city and with plenty of suitable accommodation options.

My favourite is MIC Sant Jordi, which is a block of beautifully adapted accessible apartments near the city centre. All apartments have roll-in showers, electric doors and profiling beds. The block also has hoists and shower chairs that are available for guests.

Even though MIC Sant Jordi has been specially adapted, it feels just like any smart and trendy apartment block in any great city. It has a great restaurant and café that’s open to the public and guests, as well as housing a hydrotherapy pool with hoist, adapted gym and on-site physiotherapist and physiotherapy room. Personal care can also be provided on request.

Although Barcelona’s streets are bustling at the best of times, there are more than 10,000 taxis zipping around the city, many of which are fully accessible. My favourite spot for a great atmosphere is Demeritas, it has full access and yummy grub for all – the bathrooms are super spacious, too!

To read the rest of the article, along with what my fellow disabled travellers had to say, click here.

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