While being a Kardashian seems to be the new beauty standard, let’s face it, it’s not real life! Real life beauty is being a knackered mum of a 20 month old and learning how to look awake when you’re dead on your feet! Beauty doesn’t have to be all about contouring and strobing (although I’m all for that too).

I’m Lucy, I AM the knackered mum of a (rather incredible) 20 month old, and I’m really happy and excited to be a new member of the Liability team.

Just to give you a little backstory…

I found my love of skincare and makeup a little bit later than most. Although very pale, I was blessed with clear skin during my childhood and teenage years and was a complete tomboy! I thought I would always be lucky in the skincare lottery and I was more interested in going to gigs than playing around with makeup. I remember looking at my mother who always looked so glamorous and who loved makeup and thinking that I would never feel the same about a Chanel lipstick as she did, but fast forward ten years and I think we are perhaps more alike than I first thought.

My interest in skincare and makeup developed in my twenties when I developed a chronic condition called Interstitial Cystitis, (which wasn’t diagnosed properly until four years ago). I was constantly ill and popping antibiotics like sweeties which wreaked havoc with my skin and hair. I felt I needed to cover up my terrible skin and so started using makeup and, to my surprise, I found I loved applying it. I think it came from my background in art and design. In some ways, applying foundation and perfectly blending it into your skin, is as satisfying as editing and perfecting images in Photoshop, only editing my own face gave me confidence! I was stupid enough to do two degrees and so finding products that didn’t dent my bank balance too much whilst not being overly laden with cheap chemicals was important to me.

Now I’m in my thirties, I enjoy experimenting a bit more with colour, but I still embrace the challenge of looking like I’m not wearing any makeup… there’s something about mixing formulas and lotions than satisfies the inner geek in me.  My interest in skincare has also now taken a new turn after becoming a mother to a beautiful boy with Downs Syndrome, who has been in and out of hospital regularly. Felix was born with an imperforate anus, and as a result, has had both a colostomy and ileostomy. For this reason, I have done lots of research on how to help my little boy’s peristomal skin and I am preparing myself for how to protect his bottom from extreme nappy rash once he has his stoma reversal.

I really hope through Liability, I might be able to share some tips and tricks and if I can help at least someone feel more confident about themselves or less isolated, then I’ll be one happy lady!

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