2016 has some fantastic sporting events coming up. An Olympic year always has a certain buzz about it and this year coincides with Royal celebrations too – in the name of the Queen’s 90th birthday, echoing the unforgettable year of 2012; the London Olympics and the Queens Golden Jubilee.

I feel like the whole country had a feel-good factor that year and I can only hope that this is replicated for 2016. I think we need some positive news don’t you? I remember throughout the London games, various friends said to me it was so nice waking up, putting the radio on and it being full of good cheer and excitement about what fantastic sporting achievements had just occurred. It was motivating to hear this and put a spring in your step for the day ahead – and something positive to talk about with colleagues as you got to work. Such a huge contrast to the seemingly relentless bad news stories our media usually bombards us with. I wonder how we would behave as a society if we were only fed good news…? Anyway, I digress.. But it’s great to see how a big sporting event can lift the mood of a nation.

So, the highlights of the year for me personally are the Euro 2016 championships in June – let’s hope England’s Vardy can score for his country in the prolific fashion he has for Leicester City this season!

Wimbledon is served on 27th June. I don’t think you can beat the quintessential Britishness of this event. When you’re part of the crowd it’s funny how polite everyone is with their clapping. Unless of course Andy or another favourite is playing and then the pride roars out of the fans! Not forgetting the Strawberries & Cream tent and of course the pints of Pimms enhanced with a brass band playing in the distance. Just a perfect English summer’s day.

And finally, the ultimate. The Rio Olympics kick off on August 5th. With the Paralympics a month later on 7th September. This is when I hibernate, tell friends ‘I’m busy’ and absorb as many different sports and facts as I can in that month. So many of us become armchair experts through the Olympics, about sports we never watch throughout a normal year. That’s the joy of it for me and seeing the athletes’ tireless dedication all come down to the one day, the one bang of a gun, the one perfect landing, the one moment of a shattered dream or an overwhelming moment of sheer elation at becoming the world’s greatest.

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  1. Carol Macbeath

    Well done Zoe and I wish you all the best in what you do. You were always and obviously still a fun loving person. Best always .

    • Zoe

      Ah thank you Carol! Happy memories of the BW parties eh?! The neighbours don’t socialise like that anymore! Good times.
      Hope you guys are loving being back in Jamaica xx


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