In memory of Anmol

Enhance the UK dedicate their BSL courses in memory of Anmol. He is deeply missed but his memory is cherished by so many…
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Anmol was 6 when he died unexpectedly on the 3rd February 2013.

Anmol was a boy who demonstrated a real zest for learning and a personality that made him endearing to all social groups across diverse: religious, cultural and language aspects.

At the age of 3 he lost his hearing which impacted upon his development of spoken language. As a deaf child he became, through no fault of his own or his parents’, isolated from learning and communication, due to the difficulty he now faced with acquiring or following spoken language. Initially Anmol begun school in a hearing environment with no access to expertise in deaf children’s needs and due to his language needs was unable to thrive.  He was then placed in a provision where he had full access to a rich (BSL) signing environment with deaf and hearing peers/adults and was able to reach age-appropriate levels across all academic and social domains.

With BSL signing Anmol was able to enjoy and experience all of school life and had many friends both within the deaf and hearing communities to which he belonged.

Anmol - Morning

Thank you Anmol

We all at Enhance the UK send a huge thank you to Anmol and his wonderful family. Anmol is the star of our Little Guides to Disability, something that we hope will educate young people about disability.

We took pictures of Anmol signing for us with the aim of teaching basic signs to young people and from the moment we arrived at his house, he put a smile on our faces and warmed our hearts.

His joy for life and the love he gave as a big brother was clear for us to see. Something so tragic should never happen to somebody so young and we are deeply saddened that Anmol is no longer here to share his smile and laughter with us.

Anmol will continue to be an ambassador for Enhance the UK’s education programme and hope his pictures will help change societies views on disability.