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Need to know how to make your work place accessible? Or parhaps you've got questions about sex; you'll find all our guides, articles and free support here.

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Your Sex Questions Answered

We recieve a lot of curious questions from people with and without disabilities about sex. Here’s some of the most commonly asked questions.

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Should I push a wheelchair?

Frequently UNASKED Questions

On the contrary, there’s many Frequently Unasked Questions about disability! People are often afraid to ask questions and worry about how to treat disabled people to avoid offending.

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Undressing Dissibilities Campaign

#UndressingDisability: Sex Ed for Teenagers

At Enhance The UK, we believe more conversations around sex & disability need to be started. We’re not shy, we’ll discuss just about anything!

Menstruation (or periods to you and me!)
Sexual identity & orientation
Relationships, love & respect
Communication Skills
Condoms, contraception & how to get them
STIs- What they are, & where to go to be screened
Technology and Sex- Internet Safety and Mobile Use
Being assertive & knowing your rights
Further information, advice and support

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