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Educating people of all ages about disability

About Enhance the UK

Our mission is to change the way in which society perceives disability

We are a charity that was born in 2009 founded by Jennie Williams. We work with a number of organisations to offer the best disability awareness training, advice and support in many different areas of disability. As a result we have undertaken an array of projects and campaigns which we hope you will engage with and utilise. Enhance the UK is not an organisation built around a single vision, it is about challenging people of all ages perceptions and attitudes about disability.

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About disability

Most people see disabled groups as widely separate from themselves. This separateness is not helpful. Anyone can find their life change in a moment and become disabled. Dealing with the emotional impact of this is extremely demanding and challenging for all involved. Enhance the UK are here to help overcome these emotions.

When people talk about disability access and awareness, they’re usually thinking about building work, such as putting in a ramp or a disabled toilet. Ironically it is many of the basic social needs, which have yet to be widely acknowledged, understood and provided for. Things ranging from the importance of deaf and disability awareness in the workplace, to the right to an active and healthy sex life.

We believe education is key.

Approaching Disability

Attitudes play a big part in societies general lack of confidence to approach disability. When people see someone struggling with a disability, they are often scared or frightened of offending which mean they will say or do nothing at all. We would like to take away the fear factor, so that able-bodied people are not afraid to communicate with a disabled people.

Many disabled people living in residential care homes are very institutionalised, and will soon not have the funds to go out at all. We believe that it is important to reach out to these people, enabling confident and clear communication and access for people inside and outside of care homes is essential.

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