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Making your website BSL accessible

Is your organisation’s online experience meeting everyone’s needs? Not sure? Then we at Enhance the UK could be of service!

What do we do?

We take content from your website, written or videos, and fully translate it from English into BSL. Prices include the filming and editing of our BSL interpreter and we will even upload it up to YouTube for you, so you can put the link on your site.

Did you know?

There are 9 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK, 156,000 of which use British Sign Language – BSL, and that’s a lot of people to potentially alienate from your website.

Adding subtitles to films on a website is a step in the right direction in terms of providing access to many deaf and hard of hearing people however for BSL users this is simply not enough.

English and British Sign Language are very different in their structure and style. Many BSL users are unable to understand written English resulting in subtitled videos being useless to them. To fully access your website they require the translation of content into BSL.

Communication problems often lead to isolation and loneliness for deaf and hard of hearing people frequently resulting in mental health difficulties. Imagine not being able to access information, help and support yourself without help from somebody else. Frustration at having to rely on others and a lack of independence is rife.

By making small changes to your organisation’s website you can make a big difference to deaf and hard of hearing people whilst demonstrating that you care about inclusivity and all of your clients.

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