Accessibility Audits

We provide accessibility audits for businesses and organisations

Is your organisation, venue or institution fully kitted out to meet everyone’s needs? Not sure? Then we at Enhance the UK could be of service!

Tailored Audits

At Enhance the UK, we are renowned for providing the best disability awareness and communication training in the country, that changes perceptions and removes the ‘fear factor’ surrounding disability via interactive exercises, as well as a chance to share experiences and ask questions. However, our training packages are not always the best place to start for some organisations; they may require an in depth look into their organisational culture, the physical access to their buildings, and the mentality around disability that staff have on a daily basis. This is where Enhance the UK’s Access Audits come in.

One of our auditors will work closely with you and make a tailored audit plan solely for your organisation.



“Enhance came in and really unpicked us as an organisation and gave us a honest and reflective audit. Not only that, they helped us implement all of the recommendations over a two year plan…”

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What will the audit include?

  • Interviews with staff members about their views on inclusion,
  • A detailed look at the access to your premises for those with physical and sensory impairments,
  • Meetings with external stakeholders to ensure that their ethos on accessibility is similar to yours, an inclusive evaluation of the recruitment and advertising documentation you currently use,
  • A focus on language and terminology surrounding disability used in your organisation,
  • Visits to external organisations that you provide your services to, and an analysis of such services.

Experienced Team

We have carried out audits that include all of these things, and more! Whatever it is you are looking for, we can do our best to provide a tailored access and inclusion audit plan just for you. Audits can also be undertaken in an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ manner, meaning other members of your organisation don’t need to know that it is going on, if this is something that you think will result in more authentic findings.

All you have to do is get in touch and let us know when you’re free – we will do the rest! At the end of the audit, you will be given a detailed findings report, including a disability toolkit for your staff to use and suggestions of what can be done next to ensure that your organisations is as accessible and inclusive as possible.

We have audited many organisations, including premier league football clubs and transport companies, with each audit being completely suited to individual requirements. If you’re interested to see what we could do for you and your organisation, contact us at for a chat and a quote.

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